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Shiny Tort/Polarised A14 Lenses
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No standing still with the Bolle 473 sunglasses.

If you need a high quality super-fantastic pair of sunglasses, look no further than the Bolle 473 sunglasses.  Bollé Eyewear has been delivering high quality optical wear for over 100 years with fashion fit and style. The finest grade nylon is utilized in Bolle frames to create frames that are lightweight, incredibly durable and ultimately flexible. The unique material composition allows Bolle to create visually stunning designs in any shape or thickness without compromising durability.

Bollé Eyewear delivers the highest quality sunglasses and goggles for performance and protection.

Bollé Eyewear. FOR SPORT. FOR LIFE.

Bolle Lenses and Frame


These unique lenses are designed with a different contour horizontally and vertically to work with the face's natural shape while maximizing peripheral vision. This provides protection from dust, wind, and onlookers' eyes, as well as from bright sun and UV rays.

POLARISATION Glare can be distracting, annoying and dangerous. Light rays from the sun vibrate and radiate in all directions; Bollé polarise lenses align these rays, resulting in a crystal clear view of your environment. Whether it's the ski slope, the trout stream or the highway at rush hour, Bollé polarised lenses enable you to see through the glare to what's really ahead - the mogul, the trout or the oncoming traffic.

ANTI-REFLECTIVE COATING Glare and bright light come at you from all directions, and they can bounce back directly into your eyes. A scientifically engineered coating is applied to the inside of most Bollé lenses to combat this reflection, keeping annoying glare out of your eyes

POLYCARBONATE LENSES Sunglasses should protect you from more than just the bright sun. Our polycarbonate lenses are made from premium-grade resin, resulting in a lens that is 20 times more impact-resistant than glass and three times lighter, with unrivaled optical precision and clarity.

MODULATOR™ LENS Whether you notice it or not, light conditions are constantly changing. The Modulator lens adapts by utilising Active CellTechnology,™ which works on a molecular level to lighten and darken, giving you the optimal light transmission for your current environment. The Modulator lens adjusts, so your eyes don't have to. The photochromic technology is embedded within the lens, under a highly protective hard coat.


At Bollé the finest grade nylon is used to create frames that are lightweight, incredibly durable and ultimately flexible. The unique material composition allows us to create visually stunning designs in any shape or thickness without compromising durability.

MICROFUSION™ A lot of the unique shapes on our metal frame sunglasses can be attributed to Microfusion. Exclusive to Bollé®, thismanufacturing process injects molten metal alloys into custom molds, giving us highly precise frame styling and design. This process is also used on our machine-stamped and hand-finished frames. 

ADJUSTABLE NOSE PADS Adjustable silicone nose pads can be tailored for a custom fit.Hypoallergenic silicone nose pads are comfortableand durable.

Bolle Accessories

All Bolle sunglasses come with a case, microfibre cleaning cloth.

*Case may vary with sunglasses.

Bolle Warranty

Manufacturers warranties come with all items we sell. The details of the warranty period are usually detailed on the swing tag or the instructions booklet.

Bolle Sunglasses are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for 12 months from date of purchase. Your Bolle warranty is only valid with a proof of purchase from an authorised dealer. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, scratched or broken lenses, lost screws, fading or peeling of frames, or nose piece and frame deterioration. Any alterations to the sunglasses will void your warranty. The manufacturer reserves the right to repair or replace, in part or in full, sunglasses returned for warranty or repair. Warranty claims and other repairs are at the complete discretion of the manufacturer.

How to make a warranty claim or have your sunglasses repaired:

Option 1: Take them to your nearest stockist; and they will be able to assist you in sending them back;
Option 2: Return the item to the manufacturer yourself;
Option 3: Post back to us with our Repair and Warranty claim form. We will forward them to the manufacturer on your behalf (postage charges apply). Please complete the form and attach to your return. Package your sunglasses (inside their protective case) in a sturdy box with padding. 

Important details

  • Glasses should be kept in their protective pouch when not being worn.
  • Important: to validate your warranty please present to the retailer your receipt for proof of purchase. 
  • If the problem is minor, such as a missing screw, you can see your local stockist or optometrist; they should be able to help you with this problem!