Von Zipper Levee
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Black Satin Tort/Grey Lenses
$159.99    $127.99
Black Crystal/Navy Lenses
$159.99    $127.99
Grey Tort/Green Lenses
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Black Lager - St Archer/Vintage Grey Lenses
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  • Description

    Add some subtle style to every outfit with the ease of wearing Levee by Von Zipper. 

    100% UV protection, base 8 spherical impact resistant Polycarbonate lenses and Italian made Nylon Grilamid frame with Stainless Steel optical hinges, all for an affordable price.

    Have. Want. Need. Von Zippers.

    Von Zipper’s sunglass line features unique, bold designs, exclusive to the Von Zipper label and unlike most designs on today's market. All Von Zipper sunglasses feature optically correct lenses with perfectly balanced, durable frames. Comfortable, lightweight and flexible, Von Zipper sunglass styles are developed for ultimate protection for prolonged outdoor exposure.  All Von Zipper lenses provide 100% UVA and UVB protection.

    Von Zipper – sitting on happy faces.

    Roll down the window, stick your head out and show the world the hottest sunnies in the world – Von Zipper!

  • Lenses & Frames

    Von Zipper Lenses and Frame

    Von Zipper Sunglasses

    Vonzipper uses the most progressive polarised technology available to protect your eyes from the dangers of UV rays and glare distortion. All VZ polarized lenses feature a thin, glaricade polarization filter that only allows light waves to enter the lens at certain key angles - giving you the crucial optical clarity you need with none of the distorting glare. Combine this with our unparalleled lenses, featuring superior distortion elimination and premium UV protection, and what do you get? More vivid colours and the ultimate in visual acuity. Like the wide array of frame styles we offer, we’ve developed three unique polarized lens offerings that will suit every set of eyeballs under the sun. 


    Light/Sight Glass Polarized VPg

    Von zipper’s premium Light/Sight Glass Polarized lenses are the culmination of our relationship with barberinitm s.r.l. The most advanced developer of glass-polarized lens technology. These lenses combine the optical superiority of glass with the skill and technical artistry it takes to block 99.9% of glare while maintaining true colours and ultra-sharp details. Light/Sight Glass Lenses are also thinner and 20% lighter than traditional glass lenses. We’ve struck a balance between computerised procedures for precise tolerances and the hands-on love and care that comes from hand polishing and finishing each and every frame. Von zipper Light/Sight Glass Polarized lenses take care of glare; come see what you’ve been missing. 


    Tech Features                                                                     Kickback Coatings

    • Unmatched, full-spectrum glare elimination                • Hydrophobic–repels water

    • 99.9% polarizing efficiency                                             • Oleo phobic–resists smudging 

    • Glaricade polarizing filter                                                •  5 layer anti-reflective

    Barberinitm premium glass lens 20%                           • Scratch resistant hard-coat

      thinner and lighter than standard glass lenses

    • Maximum optical clarity 

    • Colour balanced 

    • Impact resistant 


    MELOptics Polarised VPm

    Mellow out with Mother Nature. The foremost and industry leading lens technology, Von Zipper melanin enhanced lenses are inspired by the natural defences of the human body against the sunlight, creating an unsurpassed polarized experience. Developed in partnership with mother nature over millions of years, our meloptics lenses are infused with synthetic melanin to provide the ultimate in UV protection and crystal clear vision with out colour distortion. Our melanin lenses utilize the same pigment that determines your hair, skin and eye-colour. This pigment is also your body’s main filter to block out harmful ultraviolet rays from your eyes while preserving colour perception for all of your daytime endeavours. Pairing a glaricade filter with VZ melanin enhanced lenses provides an equivalent of SPF 140 protection to your eyes, your own personal bodyguard against crows feet, cataracts, and age related macular degeneration (a.m.d.). 


    Tech Features                                                                     Kickback Coatings

    • Eliminates glare                                                                 • Hydrophobic–repels water
    • 99.9% polarizing efficiency                                              • Oleo phobic–resists smudging 
    • glaricade polarizing filter                                                  • 5 layer anti-reflective
    • eliminates haze                                                                  • Scratch resistant hard-coat 
    • enhances contrast
    • colour balanced lenses
    • eliminate up to 97% of blue light

    • helps to prevent wrinkles
    • prevents cataracts and a.m.d.
    • Lightweight polycarbonate
    • impact resistant 


    Tri Motion Polarised VP3

    Durability without distortion. Extremely lightweight and ultra-impact resistant, vonzipper’s tri-motion polarized lenses are the optically correct choice for all of your outdoor activities and pursuits of daydreams. These sleek and sporty three layer lenses include all of the polarization and glare reduction you expect from VZ at a price your wallet won’t hate. Von Zipper tri-motion polarized lenses are durability without distortion; make your move and continue your quest for outdoor illumination. 


    Tech Features                                                                      Kickback Coatings

    • Unmatched, full-spectrum glare elimination                • Scratch resistant hard-coating

    • 99.9% polarizing efficiency 

    • Glaricade polarizing filter 

    • Colour balanced 

    • Extremely lightweight 

    • Ultra-impact resistant 




  • Accessories

    Von Zipper Accessories

    Von Zipper Sunglasses come with a protective case and microfibre cloth.

    *Case may vary with sunglasses

  • Warranty

    Von Zipper Warranty


    Manufacturers warranties come with all items we sell. The details of the warranty period are usually detailed on the swing tag or the instructions booklet.
    Von Zipper Sunglasses are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for 12 months from date of purchase. Your [manufacturer name] warranty is only valid with a proof of purchase from an authorised dealer. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, scratched or broken lenses, lost screws, fading or peeling of frames, or nose piece and frame deterioration. Any alterations to the sunglasses will void your warranty. The manufacturer reserves the right to repair or replace, in part or in full, sunglasses returned for warranty or repair. Warranty claims and other repairs are at the complete discretion of the manufacturer.

    How to make a warranty claim or have your sunglasses repaired:

    Option 1: Take them to your nearest stockist; and they will be able to assist you in sending them back;
    Option 2: Return the item to the manufacturer yourself;
    Option 3: Post back to us with our Repair and Warranty claim form. We will forward them to the manufacturer on your behalf (postage charges apply). Please complete the form and attach to your return. Package your sunglasses (inside their protective case) in a sturdy box with padding. 

    Important details

    • Glasses should be kept in their protective pouch when not being worn.
    • Important: to validate your warranty please present to the retailer your receipt for proof of purchase. 
    • If the problem is minor, such as a missing screw, you can see your local stockist or optometrist; they should be able to help you with this problem!