Benson V2

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Morrissey Benson V2

Matte Black/Green Lenses

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Benson V2

Dark Gunmetal/Smoke Lenses


Benson V2

Matte Black/Green Lenses


The Benson V2 sunglasses by Morrissey are a super sleek and practical style with a slight wrap.

Morrissey – defining styles and trends

Designed with a modern lifestyle in mind, yet brimming with individuality Morrissey eyewear offer sunglasses for both men and women who want to look their absolute best and celebrate life to the full.

Morrissey sunglasses are an Australian original, offering iconic designs and styles for all tastes. Made with meticulous workmanship for superb quality and durability, they're designed with a great fit and eye protection in mind. Morrissey sunglasses offer both ultimate sun protection and superior style.

Peter Morrissey is exploring opportunities to rebirth the iconic Morrissey label with fresh ideas while keeping the classic Morrissey style, while continuing his already successful range.  Throughout each phase in theMorrissey journey, eyewear has been and remains a successful highlight to the Morrissey collection. Since the eyewear launch at the 2001 Mercedes Australian Fashion Week, Peter has remained the creative influence behind the Morrissey sunglass range, alongside long term partners Sunshades Eyewear.

Morrissey Lenses and Frame



Monel- Monel frames are an incredible material to provide advanced strength, durability and corrosion resistance in a metal fashion frame.


Acetate- Acetate is a high quality plastic originating from the renewable resources of wood pulp and natural cotton fibres. It has become a popular raw material used to build high fashion and long lasting optics. Acetate retains its colour brightness impeccably over time because its hue is embedded in the material rather than sprayed on which also prevents any colour peeling. Unique ageing stabilisers in acetate also prevent fading, yellowing or other discolouration from UV light or skin contact.



Sunglass lenses are made of either glass or plastic. Plastic lenses are typically made from acrylic, polycarbonate, CR-39 or polyurethane. Plastic lenses are lighter and shatter-resistant, polycarbonate plastic lenses are the lightest, and are also almost shatterproof, making them good for impact protection. CR-39 is the most common lens, due to low weight, scratch resistance, and low transparency for ultraviolet & infrared radiation.


TR90- frames are lightweight yet super strong. Put through the harshest testing conditions, TR90 will keep its properties in temperature extremes including low and high temperatures. This makes them the perfect choice for any situation and gives the wearer a guarantee that they will stand up to the job. TR90 has demonstrated no risk of allergy and is FDA and BGA approved.


Columbia resin- aka CR39 is a plastic polymer not to be confused with polycarbonate. CR39 is almost completely opaque in the ultraviolet range and is transparent in the visible spectrum. It has the highest abrasion/scratch resistance of any uncoated optical plastic. CR39 is also resistant to most solvents and other chemicals, ageing, and material fatigue, making it a perfect choice for long-term optical clarity. 

Morrissey Accessories

All Morrissey Sunglasses come with a hard Morrissey Case and Micro Fibre cleaning cloth.

*Case may vary with sunglasses

Morrissey Warranty

Manufacturers warranties come with all items we sell. The details of the warranty period are usually detailed on the swing tag or the instructions booklet.

Morrissey Sunglasses are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for 12 months from date of purchase. Your Morrissey warranty is only valid with a proof of purchase from an authorised dealer. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, scratched or broken lenses, lost screws, fading or peeling of frames, or nose piece and frame deterioration. Any alterations to the sunglasses will void your warranty. The manufacturer reserves the right to repair or replace, in part or in full, sunglasses returned for warranty or repair. Warranty claims and other repairs are at the complete discretion of the manufacturer.

How to make a warranty claim or have your sunglasses repaired:

Option 1: Take them to your nearest stockist; and they will be able to assist you in sending them back;
Option 2: Return the item to the manufacturer yourself;
Option 3: Post back to us with our Repair and Warranty claim form. We will forward them to the manufacturer on your behalf (postage charges apply). Please complete the form and attach to your return. Package your sunglasses (inside their protective case) in a sturdy box with padding. 

Important details

  • Glasses should be kept in their protective pouch when not being worn.
  • Important: to validate your warranty please present to the retailer your receipt for proof of purchase. 
  • If the problem is minor, such as a missing screw, you can see your local stockist or optometrist; they should be able to help you with this problem!