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Ripcurl Shifties
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  • Description

    With the Rip Curl Shifties sunglasses, you will never be out of style.

    Rip Curl sunglasses feature the latest technology and fashions in the world of sunglasses. Rip Curl eyewear provide 100% protection from ultraviolet light.  Rip Curl uses the latest technical advances in materials, fit, comfort, durability and innovation.

    When you are chasing uncharted reefs, untracked powder or unridden rails, Rip Curl eyewear want to arm you with the best eyewear you’ll need. No matter where your travels lead you, Rip Curl eyewear has you covered.

  • Lenses & Frames

    Rip Curl Lenses and Frame


    Sunglass lenses are the most important feature of a sunglass. The quality of the sunglass depends on above all the quality of the lens. Rip Curl has partnered with Carl Zeiss Vision (CZV) Sunlens, a world leader in premium, innovative AND HIGH performance sunglass lenses.

    POLARISATION: Sunlight travels in waves oscillating in all directions in three-dimensional space. Polarised light mostly travels in two dimensions, horizontally and vertically.  Vertical light brings useful information to your eyes, such as colour and contrast. While horizontal light creates optical glare.  When sunlight hits smooth surfaces such as water, snow, road or glass, it mainly reflects in a horizontal plane.  The polarised lens cuts out this glare, making seeing a breeze. “Polarise your search”

    The benefits of Rip Curl’s Polarised Eyewear: 

    The yellow light represents sun light, while the blue represents useful light and the red glare. The polarised filter blocks the glare allowing only the light that if found useful through, putting less strain on your eyes

    LENS MATERIALS: Rip Curl/CZV lenses are either Polycarbonate or CR39 Hard Resin, available in Polarised and Standard lenses.  All RipCurl/CZV lenses have superior optical quality, are high performance, impact resistant, lightweight, durable and scratch resistant. Polycarbonate injected polarized lenses have a pre-colored and pre-curved polarized film inserted in two injections and absorbed during solidification. This means the injected polarised lenses are ‘one piece’ and guarantees the best optical quality and preventing delaminating. Polycarbonate injected polarised lenses provide unsurpassed glare protection eliminating 99% of polarised light. Blocks 100% of harmful UV rays.

    OPTICALLY PRECISE: Refers to curved lens that is tapered so that when light hits the lens, it travels through and enters your eyes in a straight line and at the same speed. This creates no distortion or prismatic aberration (abnormality).

    QUALITY CONTROL: Carl Zeiss Vision Sun lens quality control procedures are far more severe than the International Standards for sunglass lenses.  In fact, CZV personnel inspect every single lens; this ensures the highest of quality standards are met.  This includes abrasion tests, optical and design tests, durability tests and inspections tests.

    LENS TINTS AND COATINGS: Rip Curl/CZV offer a variety of lenses, tints and coatings enhancing the quality, performance and value of the sunglass. Coatings are applied to enhance scratch resistance, reduce AR glare and to create a fashionable unique look.

    Rip Curl frames use the latest technical advances in materials, fit, comfort, durability and innovation.  Including precision molded lightweight frames, handcrafted Italian acetate, ecological renewable frames, hydrophilic rubber and optical grade monel alloys.


    INJECTED:Made in Italy. Mold injected TR90 Grilamid nylon, provides features such as being Lightweight, flexible, impact resistant and great memory elasticity.

    ACETATE:Thermoplastic resin. Handcrafted using precision tooling and craftsmanship, using Italian acetate.

    METAL:Monel Alloy. Rip Curl uses Optical grade Monel Alloy because its nickel free, has galvanic color coating and is lightweight its also handcrafted using precision tooling and craftsmanship.

    RCP:Made in Italy. Mold injected, 100% bio-renewable polymer derived from castor oil. RCP material has same characteristics as TR90, but eliminates processes such as painting, chemical cleaning and coating. The frame is buffed clean and the color is ‘raw’ and unique.


    HYDROPHILIC RUBBER:Moisture absorbing rubber ear stems and nose pads provide comfort, and become tacky when you perspire, helping the frames stay in place.

    METAL CORE TEMPLES:Acetate frames have a metal insert in the temples that provide strength and options to customize fit and comfort for every user.

    ADJUSTABLE NOSE PADS:Metal frames have the option to adjust nose pads to customize fit and comfort.

    ADAPTABLE: RX Adaptable frames are usually base 6 that allow prescription reading or sun lenses fitted to your favourite frame. Consult your optometrist for the most suitable frame size to fit your personalized prescription lens. RX Adaptable frames are marked with and RX lens sticker.

  • Accessories

    Rip Curl Accessories

    All Rip Curl Sunglasses come with a hard protective zip case. 

    *Case may vary with sunglasses.


  • Warranty

    Rip Curl Warranty

    Manufacturers warranties come with all items we sell. The details of the warranty period are usually detailed on the swing tag or the instructions booklet.

    Ripcurl Sunglasses are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for 12 months from date of purchase. Your Ripcurl warranty is only valid with a proof of purchase from an authorised dealer. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, scratched or broken lenses, lost screws, fading or peeling of frames, or nose piece and frame deterioration. Any alterations to the sunglasses will void your warranty. The manufacturer reserves the right to repair or replace, in part or in full, sunglasses returned for warranty or repair. Warranty claims and other repairs are at the complete discretion of the manufacturer.

    How to make a warranty claim or have your sunglasses repaired:

    Option 1: Take them to your nearest stockist; and they will be able to assist you in sending them back;
    Option 2: Return the item to the manufacturer yourself;
    Option 3: Post back to us with our Repair and Warranty claim form. We will forward them to the manufacturer on your behalf (postage charges apply). Please complete the form and attach to your return. Package your sunglasses (inside their protective case) in a sturdy box with padding. 

    Important details

    • Glasses should be kept in their protective pouch when not being worn.
    • Important: to validate your warranty please present to the retailer your receipt for proof of purchase. 
    • If the problem is minor, such as a missing screw, you can see your local stockist or optometrist; they should be able to help you with this problem!