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Kate Spade Sunglasses

Sunglass Connection is rolling out the red carpet for Kate Spade sunglasses.

Crisp colour, graphic prints and playful sophistication are hallmarks of Kate Spade New York. Kate Spade’s exuberant approach to the everyday is evident in each category they enter, from handbags and clothing to jewellery, shoes, stationery, eyewear, baby, fragrance, table top, bedding and gifts.

It all started back in 1993, when Kate Brosnahan Spade, set out to design the perfect handbag. Debuting with just six silhouettes, she combined sleek, utilitarian shapes and colourful palettes in an entirely new way and so Kate Spade New York was born. Women and fashion editors fell for the fresh, modern sensibility, and her first shop in New York City swiftly opened in 1996. As the company grew, Kate Spade’s graphic approach and trademark wit created visual shorthand for a brand recognizable the world over.

Today Kate Spade has grown into a global lifestyle brand, and aims to inspire colourful living through their products especially Kate Spade eyewear. All the while, Kate Spade has never lost sight of who they are: their spirited approach, commitment to curiosity and passion for sharing their colourful world still shapes all that is Kate Spade New York.

Stay stylish with a bold and beautiful pair of Kate Spade sunglasses. Kate Spade’s great styles will help you look stylish no matter what the weather is.

Live colourfully and own a sweet slice of Kate Spade’s colourful, growing world.