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The master of mixing punk rock and elegance, Valentino sunglasses are imbued with the fashion houses' heritage under the influencer of Maison Valentino in the 60s. Since Pierpaolo Piccolo's creative guidance in 2016, Valentino eyewear has crafted beautiful classic sunglasses and transferred its punk rock traits across embellishments, hardware and dramatic eyewear shapes for women.

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Valentino Sunglasses

Established in 1960 by legendary fashion icon Valentino Garavani, Valentino is one of the best-known fashion brands worldwide. Valentino incorporates the latest styles combined with their own unique ideas in order to produce new, innovative designs exclusive to the Valentino label. Known around the world and worn by some of today's biggest celebrities, Valentino designs are a true combination of classic shapes and cutting-edge styles.

The collection of Valentino sunglasses features beautifully crafted frames in both modern and classic styles with a little bit of the famous Valentino flair. The eyewear line unleashes a vast variety of shapes, sizes and colours; from aviators to oversized sunglasses, Valentino has incorporated all of the latest trendsetting styles into their collection. Valentino sunglasses are high-quality, high-performance sunglasses with a designer name to match.