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The collection of Oliver Peoples sunglasses embodies sophistication, drawing inspiration from the vibrant and lively culture of Los Angeles. The outcome is a range of vintage-inspired designs that stay true to the brand's commitment to enduring design principles that do not conform to passing and transient sunglass designs. The curated collection of men's Oliver Peoples sunglasses and women's styles boasts timeless designs that are distinctive through neutral colourways and universally flattering shapes that reflect the brand's heritage style.

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Oliver Peoples Sunglasses

Oliver Peoples sunglasses are a brand that was created in the bustling Hollywood culture of the 1980s. Serving as a symbol of American design excellence, craftsmanship and unparalleled appeal, Oliver Peoples sunglasses are perfectly balanced and refined with a luxurious feel. 

Born in the late 1980s, the founders of Oliver Peoples had envisioned a brand that would transcend the dominant trends of that era and create a more sophisticated range beyond what was offered at that time. Stepping back from futuristic silhouettes and vibrant colours that were defining the decade, Oliver Peoples embarked on a journey to craft more traditional styles with heritage-inspired designs that have proved to stand the test of time. With classic, timeless designs characterised by natural tortoise-shell hues and discreet branding, Oliver Peoples sunglasses have reshaped the global perception of fashion eyewear.