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Serengeti Sunglasses

Quenching Your Thirst for Optimum Performance with Serengeti.

As the maker of the world’s finest driving sunglass, Serengeti utilise only the very latest technologies and premium materials, coupled with the most talented professionals and designers.  And the results are clearly superior. Serengeti sunglasses feature unparalleled attention to detail and intelligent refinements, and they exceed government and commercial standards when it comes to protection.  They block out harmful UVA and UVB rays, while Serengeti’s advanced photochromic technology adapts to changing light conditions – behind the wheel and everywhere else you go.  All together, Serengeti’s technology is designed so that you can effortlessly see every detail on the road.

The collection combines timeless style with the absolute latest in lens technology. The sport styles represent a sporty, more progressive take on tradition, offering frames that are as stylish as they are technologically advanced. Serengeti sunglasses feature stylish frames, along with advanced and ultra-lightweight lens. The collection was designed to accentuate your lifestyle with its big, bold frames and the kind of advanced lenses that could only come from Serengeti.

There is only one way to experience Serengeti – your way. For you, The Journey is just as important as the destination. As the maker of the world’s finest driving sunglass and the pioneer of photochromic technology, we understand and agree.

The Serengeti experience is like none other.