Colour of the Season: Red

The colour of the season, red. Discover the power colour taking over your socials and the inspirational frames to bring you up to speed.

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Colour of the Season: Red

Dive into the captivating world of this trending power colour and uncover inspiring visuals and frames that will keep you in the loop.

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From handbags and shoes to colour-block stockings, red has been hailed as the colour of the season and has taken over FashionTok in a huge way. Whether you're pairing the hot hue with the contemporary trend of leopard print or letting it be the stand-alone star of the show in an otherwise monochromatic ensemble, fiery-toned and cherry-red accessories stand as the indispensable wardrobe essentials for 2024.

With the northern hemisphere trailblazing the red trend through easy-to-incorporate fall pieces, we've seen the adaption of bright statement pieces in Australian fashion through mini bags, sandals, "tomato girl" makeup looks and eye-catching red sunglasses and frames.

Moving away from the muted tones of the clean girl aesthetic, red ties into the rejection of perfectly primmed, soft looks, and instead encourages power-dressing through innovative silhouettes and confident, energetic fashion choices.

Red Versace runway sunglasses

Proving to be more than just an occasional pop of colour to incorporate, the fashion world has shown just how versatile red accessories can be, pairing perfectly with denim, prints, shades of beige and olive neutrals, and of course, black. Adding a pair of red sunglasses to an otherwise neutral outfit is an easy way to elevate your look - do as the fashion girlies do and take it one step further with matching hot-hued socks, dainty bows or cherry mary-janes.

Miu Miu sunglasses

Miu Miu 09WS in Cognac Opal

Prada sunglasses

Prada PR17WS in Red Orange & Black

With the rise of the Mob Wife Aesthetic and the return of grunge, the colour red is here to stay - sitting comfortably in the realm of flashy jewellery, loud animal prints and imperfectly perfect NYC-inspired fashion fits. Consider red clothes and accessories the sexier, bolder and more mature aesthetic of the Y2K craze, with an almost guaranteed longevity of being wardrobe capsule pieces you'll continue to reach for.

Discover our picks for trending red sunglasses from luxury fashion houses like Prada, Miu Miu and Versace, ranging from bright poppy frames to alluring rose-coloured lenses.