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Morrissey Sunglasses

Discover the full range of Morrissey eyewear online at Sunglass Collection. Designed with a modern lifestyle in mind, yet brimming with individuality Morrissey eyewear is created for men and women who want to look their absolute best and celebrate life to the full. 

Made with meticulous workmanship for superb quality and durability, they're designed with a great fit and eye protection in mind. Morrissey sunglasses offer both ultimate sun protection and superior style.

Buzzing with wild creative inspiration from the early 80s, Peter Morrissey launched the sexy, chic and sophisticated eyewear label Morrissey Known internationally for his amorous chic and sophisticated styling, Peter created a unique, original and handmade sunglass collection that has been a dominant force in the Australian fashion industry for over three decades.

Peter Morrissey is exploring opportunities to rebirth the iconic Morrissey label with fresh ideas while keeping the classic Morrissey style. Throughout each phase in the Morrissey journey, eyewear has been and remains a successful highlight to the collection.