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2186 State Street

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Ray Ban 2186 State Street

Black/Green Lenses

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2186 State Street

Black/Green Lenses

$215.00 $172.00

2186 State Street

Black/Green Polarised Lenses


2186 State Street

Beige/Blue Grey Gradient Lenses


2186 State Street

Black on Transparent/Grey Blue Gradient Lenses

$225.00 $180.00

2186 State Street

Havana/Dark Grey Lenses


The Ray Ban 2186 State Street sunglasses are an edgy pair of bold, cat eye sunglasses you'll love to show off. 

Ray-Ban is the global leader in premium eyewear and by far the best-selling eyewear brand in the world.

Never just a transient trend, Ray Ban Sunglasses has lasted every decade of its existence. 75 years after the first pair pf Ray Ban Aviator sunglasses were worn, the brand remains an enduring classic. 

Never hide with Ray Ban sunglasses.

Ray Ban Lenses & Frame

Ray Ban Lenses

G15 Lens

By absorbing 85% of visible light and blocking out majority of the blue light, the green lens ensures the best clarity of vision and remarkable colour contrast. The green lens provides a natural vision through a lens though you wont notice the difference.

Brown Lens

The brown lens that Ray Ban produces offers high performance qualities and incomparable clarity.

Gradient Lens

The Ray Ban Crystal Gradient Lens is tinted on the backside using high vacuum processes. This allows adhesion of thin layers of oxides to the lenses to achieve the greatest colour transitions. The Plastic Ray Ban Gradient Lens achieves a transition in shading from dark to light thanks to a precise chemical immersion process.

Mirror Lens

The mirror coating application on this lens is achieved through an advanced technological process where superheated metal oxides are fused to the lens at molecular level to ensure a uniform layer and crisp clarity.

Polarised Lenses

The Ray Ban polarised lens eliminates distracting reflective lights from reaching your eyes. This means a drastic reduction in the brightness of shiny surfaces such as chrome and large bodies of water.

Ray Ban Frames

Carbon Fibre Frames

Ray Ban Carbon Fibre Frames are made with the finest materials to achieve extremely strong, lightweight and comfortable frames. Absolutely no welding is involved in designing these sunglasses.

LiteForce Frames

Ray Ban LiteForce Frames are an innovative cutting-edge technology to produce the best quality frames on the sunglass market. The LiteForce Frames are exceptionally durable, strong and lightweight to achieve unbeatable comfort.

Titanium Frames

Ray Ban Titanium frames achieve the lighter side of strength. They are extremely lightweight, strong, durable and completely hypoallergenic. Titanium is an innovative material that offers the best qualities for sunglasses.

Ray Ban Accessories

Ray Ban Sunglasses come with a protective leather case and microfibre cleaning cloth.

*Case may vary with sunglasses

Ray Ban Warranty

Manufacturers warranties come with all items we sell. The details of the warranty period are usually detailed on the swing tag or the instructions booklet.

Ray Ban are guaranteed against defects in workmanship and materials for  24 months from date of purchase. Your Ray Ban warranty is only valid with a proof of purchase from an authorised dealer. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, scratched or broken lenses, lost screws, fading or peeling of frames, or nose piece and frame deterioration. Any alterations to the sunglasses will void your warranty. The manufacturer reserves the right to repair or replace, in part or in full, sunglasses returned for warranty or repair. Warranty claims and other repairs are at the complete discretion of the manufacturer.

How to make a warranty claim or have your sunglasses repaired:

Option 1: Take them to your nearest stockist; and they will be able to assist you in sending them back;
Option 2: Return the item to the manufacturer yourself;
Option 3: Post back to us with ourRepair and Warranty claim form. We will forward them to the manufacturer on your behalf (postage charges apply). Please complete the form and attach to your return. Package your sunglasses (inside their protective case) in a sturdy box with padding. 

Important details

  • Glasses should be kept in their protective pouch when not being worn.
  • Important: to validate your warranty please present to the retailer your receipt for proof of purchase. 
  • If the problem is minor, such as a missing screw, you can see your local stockist or optometrist; they should be able to help you with this problem!