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Epokhe Sunglasses

Buy Epokhe sunglasses online at Sunglass Connection.The full range of Epokhe sunglasses are showcased on Sunglass Connection. Browse unique styles for men and women who are looking for something special in their life. Catering to the consumer that is looking for a very high quality product at a reasonable price. Epokhe have designed the collection to cater to a variety of customers who all share an appreciation for classic styles built on a foundation of quality. Whether you prefer a more standard classic shape or something a little more forward, Epokhe have created it. 

Epokhe sunglasses feature the “three Fs” Fit, Fashion and Function but not necessarily in that order. Sunglasses are eye protection and to ensure this, Epokhe are using some of the best lenses in the world made by Zeiss, hence their priority has been focused on function. Of course no point in excellent function if they don’t fit, and for this Epokhe have worked closely with the manufacturers and opticians to ensure that they have frames which not only fit when you first try them on but are comfortable to wear for long periods of time.  Finally comes fashion; this is where Epokhe wanted to focus on shapes that have a classical feel. By referencing many vintage styles, they have collected from all over the world they have maintained a classic aesthetic and injected their own modern, minimalist twist.

Three young men named Kai Neville, Dion Agius and Mitch Coleborn launched a new eyewear company. It’s name? EPOKHE. It’s aim? To exist as something that is theirs, to do whatever they want with. The Epokhe lads were passionate about eyewear and figured that there might be a little gap and somewhat of an opportunity to bring something fresh and new onto the marketplace. They picked Epokhe as a name as visually it is very strong.