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Coach Sunglasses

Shop the full range of Coach sunglasses online at Sunglass Connection. Browse the beautiful collection today. Offering Australian standard lens protection and quality, durable materials, Coach Eyewear succeeds in providing pleasing aesthetics and optimum sun protection. 

Originating in 1971 in a family-ran workshop in a Loft in Manhattan, Coach has developed into one of America's leading designers of fine accessories.  Having specialised in leather goods, in 1941 the leading innovators of coach desired to specialize in appealing and quality eyewear. Coach proclaims a statement of modern luxury. Prioritizing quality materials and boasting a strong sense of elegance, it's undeniable that this high-end brand offers not only high sun protection eyewear but also an image of beauty and class. Paying close attention to the finer details, much thought and time is invested into the craftsmenship of each product and each pair carries a unique look.