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Shop a huge range of sunglass accessories at Sunglass Connection. Found the perfect pair of sunglasses and want to protect your new purchase? Sunglasses accessories are your answer.

You have invested in a good pair of sunnies so you want to make sure they last. The moment you accidentally sit on your glasses or scratch a lens you feel devastated, so you need sunglass accessories to help prevent this. So act now!

A sunglass cord is like an extra pair of hands that keep your shades in easy reach.  If you are an active participant in outdoor sports or just like your sunnies to hang loose, sunglass cords are a great asset. Wrap and Strap!

Using a carry case is essential in order to maintain your sunglasses. Ensure you always have your sunglasses in a protective case!

Thanks to the sunglass visor clip you can feel secure that your sunglasses are safe and easily accessible when you need them in the car. This very convenient clip attaches to your car sun visor and pops open with the touch of a finger. 

Sunglass Connection offers the most current sunglass accessories for both men and women.

Sunglass accessories are safety for your eyewear!