Von Zipper

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Von Zipper Sunglasses

Are you chockers full of crunched nuts? Or are you the cherry on top? Either way, wrap your face in some Von Zipper sunglasses.

Von Zipper was founded in 1999, in California by friends that grew up surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, riding dirt bikes and giggling together. Von Zipper is an international designer eyewear company specializing in the design and distribution of cutting-edge sunglasses and goggles. The Von Zipper image incorporates elements of both punk-rock and hip-hop styles and is designed for individuals with attitude.  The company became popular for its innovative product and novel advertising campaign. This unique approach created a cult movement within the surf, skate, bike and boutique markets. Von Zipper eyewear is marketed towards individuals who are edgy and looking for a style completely unique to other labels.

Some of today's hottest sports enthusiasts have chosen to wear the ultra comfortable frames of Von Zipper.  Von Zipper’s incredible designs have received worldwide recognition for their radical designs. Von Zipper sunglasses are paving the way for future sunglass lines willing to take risks in order to achieve complete success.

Truly an innovative and unique company, Von Zipper eyewear designs and manufactures high quality sunglasses which satisfy the needs of today's wildest individuals

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